Monday, September 17, 2007


Many interpretations to this one here!!
We spent the first significant years of our childhood simply sharpening those motor skills that make u a tangible person from that flailing lump of flesh we all started out to be. Once in control of our bodily movements, we set about using them to form things...used them in a handshake to form bonds with fellow sapiens. As a corollary to this, we formed, in our minds, impressions of these people. Some of these impressions transgressed their appropriate territories and formed themselves as prejudices. Prejudices notwithstanding, we formed our own individual attitude and personalities. Formed peculiar habits. I’m guessing these peculiarities are what formulated our moves. And carelessness, procrastination and scapegoats are just forms of apathy. No wonder then that I paid so dearly for my exam forms. (14K+) So did Dhruv with his CAT form being rejected!! But, so did Ganguly when he lost his form!! Form ICL and Kapil gets in trouble. Form an opinion and extremists thirst for your blood. Form a nuclear deal and communists strangle you. Form a government and you sit on a chair with 3 legs, each a bit unsteady. Form a drug habit and you are down from ramp to rags. (A beggar in a corset and skirt!! Now that’s new). Forms spell trouble...

* form a blog and suddenly everyone's a free lance writer!!

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